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在「VMBox.co – 2GB OVZ w/ 2 Free Wildcare SSL @ $5/m」這邊看到的,租 VPS 送兩個 wildcard SSL certificate:

Up to 2 free wildcard SSL available per VPS order in Phoenix or Amsterdam. SSL only to be used on Singlehop network.


WildCard AlphaSSL Certificate - $0.00 USD Free Account
Please note these SSL's are only to be used on our network. They won't be guaranteed if used elsewhere.

不過除了 revoke 以外,想不到其他方式... 所以只要有合約在應該都是生效的?

如果是這樣的話,USD$40/year 就可以買兩個 wildcard SSL certificate 了?比起現在的各家 wildcard SSL certificate 都還便宜...

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