Amazon Lightsail:AWS 的 VPS 服務

所以 AWS 決定也跳進來搞 VPS 服務了?推出了 Amazon Lightsail:「Amazon Lightsail – The Power of AWS, the Simplicity of a VPS」。

定價策略就跟 VPS 一樣:

如果你熟悉數字的話,這其實跟 DigitalOcean 的規格與價錢一模一樣 (參考「Pricing on DigitalOcean」這頁),連備份的 USD$0.05/GB/month 也相同。目前雖然只有 us-east-1 有,但看起來複製並不難...

FAQ 裡有提到可以透過 VPC peering 連進 AWS:

You can connect your Lightsail instances to VPC resources in your AWS account privately, by using VPC peering. Just choose Enable VPC peering on your Lightsail account page, and Lightsail does the work for you. Once VPC peering is enabled, you can address other AWS resources in your default AWS VPC by using their private IPs.

有趣的是,這個頻寬費用超級便宜... 目前比較不確定的是 bandwidth 是不是 pool-based (沒用完的流量可以挪到其他機器上用),另外這邊的頻寬計算方式是不是算 us-east-1 內?


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