Amazon S3 與 Glacier 的降價...

這次 AWS 對 storage 類調降了不少幅度,包括了 S3Glacier:「AWS Storage Update – S3 & Glacier Price Reductions + Additional Retrieval Options for Glacier」。

S3 的部份降幅都不算低,要注意的是這次是 2016/12/01 開始,並沒有回朔:

We are reducing the per-GB price for S3 Standard Storage in most AWS regions, effective December 1, 2016.

另外 Glacier 則是大幅調降:

We are also reducing the price of Glacier storage in most AWS Regions. For example, you can now store 1 GB for 1 month in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), or EU (Ireland) Regions for just $0.004 (less than half a cent) per month, a 43% decrease. For reference purposes, this amount of storage cost $0.010 when we launched Glacier in 2012, and $0.007 after our last Glacier price reduction (a 30% decrease).

而 Glacier 取資料的方式也改成三種不同版本,主要是差在要等多久才能取得資料:

  • Standard (對應到本來的版本,通常約 3 到 5 個小時)
  • Expedited (速度快很多,一般的情況下約 1 到 5 分鐘,如果要保證的話可以買 Provisioned capacity)
  • Bulk (通常約 5 到 12 小時)


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