AWS 美東第二區開放

如同之前 AWS 的規劃,宣佈啟用美東第二區了 (us-east-2,在俄亥俄州):「Now Open – AWS US East (Ohio) Region」。看了一下 EC2 的價錢,與 us-east-1 是同一個級別的,其他的服務應該是都差不多...

另外因為跨州了 (而且跟 us-east-1 很近),所以官方也推薦拿來做異地服務:

With just 12 ms of round-trip latency between US East (Ohio) and US East (Northern Virginia), you can make good use of unique AWS features such as S3 Cross-Region Replication, Cross-Region Read Replicas for Amazon Aurora, Cross-Region Read Replicas for MySQL, and Cross-Region Read Replicas for PostgreSQL.

其中有個特別的地方在於 us-east-{1,2} 之間傳輸的費用會以 Inter-AZ 計費,而非以跨 region 計費。大概是希望讓大家有動力多放些東西過去,畢竟 us-east-1 實在太大,穩定性超有名的關係 XDDD:

Data transfer between the two Regions is priced at the Inter-AZ price ($0.01 per GB), making your cross-region use cases even more economical.

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