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Firefox 49 將可以吃系統的 Certificate Trust Store

在「Upcoming Changes to Root Certificates in Firefox on Windows」這邊看到 Firefox 49 將會有選項可以讓 Firefox 多吃系統的 Certificate Trust Store:

This feature is available in Firefox 49 and up (currently in beta). To give it a try, set the preference security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true. After that, Firefox should connect successfully to sites using certificates issued by 3rd party root certificates that have been added to the Windows trust database.


These features are still in the early stages, so if you encounter any unexpected behavior, please feel free to file a bug.


PHP 的 JIT 翻修計畫

在「JIT for PHP project」這邊看到 PHP 新的翻修計畫:

I'm glad to say that we have started a new JIT for PHP project and hope to deliver some useful results for the next PHP version (probably 8.0).

We are very early in the process and for now there isn't any real performance improvement yet. So far we spent just 2 weeks mainly working on JIT infrastructure for x86/x86_64 Linux (machine code generation, disassembling, debugging, profiling, etc), and we especially made the JIT code-generator as minimal and simple as possible. The current state, is going to be used as a starting point for research of different JIT approaches and their usability for PHP.

不知道會帶來多少效能提昇 :o

印度 ISP 跟 Torrent 站台合作加速下載

在「Indian ISPs Speed Up BitTorrent by ‘Peering’ With a Torrent Site」這篇講到印度的 ISP 跟 torrent 站台 TorBox 合作,加速下載的速度。


They help users to download content faster by linking them to local peers in their own network.

不知道是不是指 Local Peer Discovery (BEP-14) 的技術,如果是的話大概可以猜出作法... 這樣可以降低不少 ISP 對外頻寬的流量與成本。

拿 Twitter 當作 Botnet 橋樑的惡意軟體

在「Twitoor First Android Twitter-based Botnet」這邊看到的消息,原報導在「First Twitter-controlled Android botnet discovered」。

相較於 IRC 控制來得難以被偵測。因為 IRC 的特性比較好抓 (無論是 Protocol 或是 IP address),而 Twitter 卻是一般人就常常會上的網站 (而且是 HTTPS),暫時沒想到太簡單的方法從網路層面偵測...

其實同樣道理可以用其他大的平台做 (像是 GitHub 也是可能的平台),不知道網路層上要怎麼防比較有效...