GitHub 又多了許多功能...

GitHub 上個禮拜推出了不少功能出來:「A whole new GitHub Universe: announcing new tools, forums, and features」。

功能多了不少,但比較亮眼的主要是 Project 的功能,界面上有點像 Trello

操作上也可以看到,一個 repository 可以開很多 project,然後在裡面移來移去:

With Projects, you can manage work directly from your GitHub repositories. Create cards from Pull Requests, Issues or Notes and organize them into custom columns, whether it’s "In-progress", "Done", "Never going to happen" or any other framework your team uses. Drag and drop the cards inside a column to prioritize them or move them from one column to another as your work progresses.

唔... 這樣好用不少 :o

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