MySQL 8.0 的 performance_schema 加上 index 了...

MySQL 8.0 是 MySQL 5.7 的後續版本,中間的 6.0 與 7.0 都有一些故事,就被跳過去了,跟 PHP 的情況有點像。

在 8.0 版將會把 performance_schamea 加上 index,讓查詢的速度變快:「MySQL 8.0: Performance Schema, now with indexes!」:

In MySQL 8.0, performance_schema tables are now indexed to speed up data retrieval.

A total of 115 indexes have been added in the performance schema in MySQL 8.0.0, to support better data access patterns in general.

有用過 performance_schema 的人都會有種「這好慢啊」的感覺,總算要改善了... 而且這幾乎是沒什麼成本的改善:

Question: How much overhead was just added by this new feature?
Answer: Absolutely zero

並不是用 index 加快速度,而是加了一些資訊,修正 optimizer 的行為:

It does — not — maintain a physical index internally, be it on file or memory.
It does, however, — pretend — to the optimizer that it has indexes, so that the optimizer is coerced into using the most efficient access pattern.


The performance improvements from indexes can be very easily seen in many of the sys schema queries. With 1000 idle threads, the query SELECT * FROM sys.session drops from 34.70 seconds down to 1.01 seconds (a 30x improvement!):

不知道 Percona 會不會 backport 回來,這看起來對於爆炸中的 server 找問題會很有幫助,可以在短時間翻出是哪個部份爆炸...

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