OpenBSD 將 ACME Client (Let's Encrypt Client) 納入系統

看到 OpenBSD 直接把 ACME 協定的 client 放進系統內,而 ACME 也就是 Let's Encrypt 所使用的協定:「Let's Encrypt client imported into -current」:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2016/08/31 16:01:42

Added files:
	usr.sbin/acme-client: ChangeLog Makefile acctproc.c base64.c 
	                      certproc.c chngproc.c dbg.c dnsproc.c 
	                      extern.h fileproc.c http.c http.h jsmn.c 
	                      jsmn.h json.c keyproc.c letskencrypt.1 
	                      main.c netproc.c revokeproc.c rsa.c rsa.h 
	                      sandbox-pledge.c util-pledge.c util.c 

Log message:
Import Kristaps' letskencrypt and call it acme-client in tree.
OK to get it in deraadt@ (and probably beck@)

At least deraadt@, beck@ and otto@ are fine with the name and the
disagreements stopped.

用的是 acme-client,先前叫做 letskencrypt,以 C 開發的 ACME client。

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