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看到 suhide 這個工具:「Chainfire's SuHide — Now You Can Hide Your Android Root Status On Per-App Basis」,原報導出自「Experimental suhide Mod for SuperSU Hides su Binary from Applications」。


- Hides root on a per-app base, no need to globally disable root
- Doesn't need Xposed
- Even supports SuperSU's ancient app compatibility mode (BINDSYSTEMXBIN)
- Passes SafetyNet attestation by default on stock ROMs (last officially tested on 2016.08.31)

不過可以想像到的,接下來的 detection 也會偵測 suhide,再加上 Google 的 SafetyNet 機制,作者在 forum 上也寫了這是個貓抓老鼠的遊戲...

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