Dropbox 的文件掃描功能

算是講 Dropbox 的「Dropbox 的 Document Detecting」這篇的續集,在抓出文件位置後講顏色的校準:「Fast Document Rectification and Enhancement」。


顏色校準的部份講到了這張很有名的圖。在圖片上,A 與 B 的區塊顏色是相同的,但你校準出來的時候必須跟人腦的感覺相同:

Here’s a great illustration of this “illusion,” in which the two tiles marked A and B have the same pixel values, but appear to be very different:


Left: the original image. Middle: an enhanced image, with the background becoming white and the foreground preserved in exact R, G, B values. Note that the colors appear faded. Right: an enhanced image that tries to correct for the perceptual discrepancy.

應該是在 Dropbox 裡面的專案,是個有不少數學可以玩的專案...

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