Amazon S3 開放 IPv6 存取

開放 IPv6 存取 Amazon S3 了:「Now Available – IPv6 Support for Amazon S3」。

對應的 Endpoint 是 http://BUCKET.s3.dualstack.REGION.amazonaws.com

值得注意的是所有功能都開放 IPv6 了,包括 BitTorrent (還記得嗎 XDDD 如果忘記的,可以參考「Using BitTorrent with Amazon S3 這篇的說明」):

S3 Feature Support – IPv6 support is available for all S3 features with the exception of Website Hosting, S3 Transfer Acceleration, and access via BitTorrent.

Update:寫太快發現早上匆匆忙忙出門寫錯了,是「不支援」,感謝 Twitter 上被提醒了:

接下來是等 Amazon EC2Amazon CloudFront 的支援...

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