Netflix 把金流相關的系統轉移到 AWS 上跑 MySQL 的故事...

這次要提的是「Netflix Billing Migration to AWS」、「Netflix Billing Migration to AWS - Part II」與「Netflix Billing Migration to AWS - Part III」這三篇。

Netflix 先前的金流相關系統跑的是 Oracle 的資料庫:

然後換成 MySQL

系統上是採用 DRBD,然後底層是 5 個 4TB 的 EBS 組成的 RAID 0,跑 LVM

High performance with respect to reads and writes was achieved by using RAID0 with EBS provisioned IOPS volumes. To get more throughput per volume, 5 volumes of 4TB each were used, instead of 1 big volume. This was to facilitate faster snapshots and restores.

LVM to manage two Logical Volume’s (DB and DRBD Metadata) within single Volume Group.

可以看到裡面用的都是很經過時間考驗的技術,像是 DRBD、標準的 Replication 架構...

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