Google 產品 (包括 YouTube) 使用 HTTPS 的情況

YouTube 公佈了 Google 產品使用 HTTPS 的情況,這次包括了 YouTube 在內:「YouTube's road to HTTPS」。

Netflix 與 YouTube 在北美是兩個最大的 internet 流量 (Netflix, YouTube video streaming dominate internet traffic in North America),要注意的是 Netflix 也是全上 HTTPS (It wasn’t easy, but Netflix will soon use HTTPS to secure video streams):

Netflix makes up a huge part of internet downloads, the company said, with the streaming service accounting for 37.1 per cent of all downstream traffic in North America during September and October.

YouTube accounted for the second-largest share of download traffic, at 17.9 per cent, followed by regular internet browsing at 6.1 per cent.

海外的部份 YouTube 就更高了,所以 YouTube 的 HTTPS rate 其實對整個 internet 很重要。而 YouTube 宣佈目前已經有 97% 的量上 HTTPS 了,應該是 Google 資料中心最大的流量:

We're proud to announce that in the last two years, we steadily rolled out encryption using HTTPS to 97 percent of YouTube's traffic.

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