DigitalOcean 也推出類似於 Amazon EBS 的東西了:Block Storage

DigitalOcean 也提供類似 Amazon EBS 的服務了:「Block Storage: More Space to Scale」。

只提供 SSD 型態的 Block Storage,價位跟 Amazon EBS 類似,USD$0.1/GB/month。有幾個限制,一個是服務的地區目前只有 NYC1 與 SFO2,下一個會是 FRA1:

You can create Block Storage volumes right now in NYC1 and our new SFO2 region. FRA1 is next in line and will be available in the coming weeks. We’re working quickly to expand to other regions. More updates to come.

另外一個是最大 16TB,也是跟 Amazon EBS 一樣:

You can easily scale up and resize your Storage volumes from 1GB to 16TB and move them between Droplets via the control panel or API.


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