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在「Ludicrously cheap HDMI capture for Linux」這邊看到 hacker 精神 XDDD

作者想要找一個 HDMI 錄影裝置,但發現在 Linux 下很難找,就算有也很貴:

Lately I have had the need to do real time video capture from HDMI devices as of late for a project, and while looking around the internet found that all of the capture cards that are aimed at gamers (windows / OSX support only) or full blown production capture (Very expensive, more inputs than I need). The other downside is that all of these options either have no Linux drivers at all, or if they do, they have a Linux driver that is behind an NDA, and those cards are in the $800+ range.

但他在網路上找到「Reverse engineering Lenkeng HDMI over IP extender」這篇文章,裡面提到有 HDMI 轉 IP 的設備可以用,並且成功寫了一些 Python script 解出裡面的 packet... 而這樣的設備便宜非常多。

查了一下型號,看起來是「Digital Family LKV373 HDMI Network Extender over Cat5 Cable - Unlimited Extension」這顆,變貴了?不過相較於前面提到的 $800+ 還是便宜不少就是了... XD

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