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作者提到了現在的影音廣告愈來愈誇張:「A few months ago, I brought to light the insane state of today's advertising...」。

作者放了一個空白頁面,裡面只放了一個影音廣告,然後打開後發現,光是一個影音廣告就會產生 5559 個連線 (喂喂) 與 53MB 的流量,而且還會無止盡的成長 (不會停,會一直讀取新的廣告):

To showcase just how evil they still are, I took a single AdX ad tag and put it on an otherwise empty page. A static image ad loads, but it's secretly a VPAID one. It then randomly switches to a video, then back to a static image, then back again - it's like a never-ending self-reloading cascade of garbage.

Right now after several minutes of just leaving this one single ad open, I'm at 53MB downloaded and 5559 requests. By the time I finished typing this, I was at 6140 requests. A single ad did this. Without reloading the page, just leaving it open.


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