Linode 記憶體升級,以及新的日本機房計畫

Linode 的 13 歲禮物:「Linode’s 13th Birthday – Gifts for All!」。包括了記憶體的升級計畫:

Old PlanNew PlanPrice
Linode 1 GBLinode 2 GB$10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GBLinode 4 GB$20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GBLinode 8 GB$40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GBLinode 12 GB$80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GBLinode 24 GB$160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GBLinode 48 GB$320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GBLinode 64 GB$480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GBLinode 80 GB$640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GBLinode 120 GB$960/mo ($1.44/hr)

比較小的機器都是 double RAM,比較大的機器就沒那麼明顯了... 但這樣就超越 DigitalOcean 的規格,而且還領先其他 VPS 不少。


Unfortunately, since Tokyo is sold out, the upgrade is not available there. We hope to have our second Tokyo facility online before the end of the year.

是個好消息 XD

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