BitKeeper 的 Open Source 行為

LWN 上看到這個消息:「BitKeeper's open source release」,BitKeeper 網站上也已經看到 open source 的消息了。

從 2005 年跟 Linux 分家後,走了十年走到這條路... 在「This is to answer this question and all the "too late" comments.」這邊看到是這樣做出來的決定,看起來沒救了:

Git/Github has all the market share. Trying to compete with that just proved to be too hard. So rather than wait until we were about to turn out the lights, we decided to open source it while we still had money in the bank and see what happens. We've got about 2 years of money and we're trying to build up some additional stuff that we can charge for. We're also open to being doing work for pay to add whatever it is that some company wants to BK, that's more or less what we've been doing for the last 18 years.

Will it work? No idea. We have a couple of years to find out. If nothing pans out, open sourcing it seemed like a better answer than selling it off.

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