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Google CDN 進入 Beta

最近 CDN 產業裡有不少蕭期,其中一個新聞是 Google CDN 進入 beta,Google 藉由在全球佈署的機房來服務。

不過雖然進入了 Beta,但仍然有很嚴重的技術限制,只能透過 GCE 當 origin server,這使得實用性低很多:

Delivers HTTP/HTTPS content originating from Compute Engine VM instances. External origin servers are not supported.

有些特點是跟一般 CDN 不同的,一個是 Google 對 HTTPS 的口號,所以 HTTP 與 HTTPS 的價錢相同。其實你就當做他把 HTTP 的費用收的跟 HTTPS 一樣就好:

SSL Shouldn't Cost Extra
The web is moving to HTTPS, and your cacheable content should, too. With Cloud CDN, you can secure your content using SSL/TLS for no additional charge.

另外一個特點是從技術上就宣稱完全使用 Anycast,而不是見到的 DNS + Anycast:

Serve all your content from a single IP address with low latency worldwide.

另外,計價的方式與其他的 CDN 有不少地方不一樣,另外也有針對中國地區另外處理。

首先是他把 Cache Egress (從 CDN 給使用者) 與 Cache Fill (從 CDN 到 Origin 取得資源) 分開收,一的般 CDN 都只收 Cache Egress 這塊。


Traffic destined for mainland China is served from Google locations outside of mainland China. Performance and reliability may be lower than for traffic served from in-country locations.

言下之意就是另外買 optimized 的頻寬來服務,但還是不會像在中國大陸地區有機房的效果這麼好,不過好處是不需要 ICP 之類的證照。


CA/Browser Forum 在三月底的會議記錄

CA/Browser Forum 三月底的會議記錄裡看到了關於 wildcard ssl certificate 的一些討論,還蠻有趣的:「2016-03-31 Minutes」。

主要是第五條的記錄,在討論更廣泛的 wildcard 用法。首先是 Microsoftww*.example.com 這種 domain 的認定:

Rick said there was a Microsoft tech note that allows ww*.example.com. Jody confirmed the platform supports it.


Rick suggested the BRs be updated to include that. Ryan said that is not a good thing as there are multiple specs that treat this differently and historical context which would make it hard for Google to support such a ballot. Kirk asked why Peter put this in the ballot. He responded that this was raised in the past where people found a discrepancy in relation to other docs. However, given there was not consensus, he would remove from the proposed ballot. Ryan said there is a need for clarification because CAs seem to be interpreting this differently. Peter said he would create a new definition called “wildcard domain name” with an exact definition to avoid confusion and add clarity. Rick said that ideally Microsoft should remove that functionality and update the tech notes. Jody said he would need to consult with his expert on this. Peter said the goal of this ballot was to make it a “consensus” ballot and would remove anything controversial.

看起來還沒有完全定下來,之後的會議記錄可以再看看進展。這對安全性也頗有幫助,舉例來說,我就可以針對不同的服務發不同的 wildcard ssl certificate,像是 test-*.example.com 這樣,而不用另外再建立機制避免 private key 的外流。

關於 Juniper ScreenOS 防火牆被放後門的研究

一樣是從 Bruce Schneier 那邊看到的:「Details about Juniper's Firewall Backdoor」,原始的研究連結在「Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/376」這邊。

ScreenOS 被放了兩個後門,一個是 SSH 的後門:

Reverse engineering of ScreenOS binaries revealed that the first of these vulnerabilities was a conventional back door in the SSH password checker.

另外一個是「Dual EC 的 Q 值」被放了後門,而「NIST 所制定的 Dual EC 的 Q 值」本身就是個後門,所以有人把這個後門又給換掉了:

The second is far more intriguing: a change to the Q parameter used by the Dual EC pseudorandom number generator. It is widely known that Dual EC has the unfortunate property that an attacker with the ability to choose Q can, from a small sample of the generator's output, predict all future outputs. In a 2013 public statement, Juniper noted the use of Dual EC but claimed that ScreenOS included countermeasures that neutralized this form of attack.

第二個後門更發現嚴重的問題,Juniper 所宣稱的反制措施根本沒被執行到:

In this work, we report the results of a thorough independent analysis of the ScreenOS randomness subsystem, as well as its interaction with the IKE VPN key establishment protocol. Due to apparent flaws in the code, Juniper's countermeasures against a Dual EC attack are never executed.

也因此團隊確認選定 Q 值的人可以輕易的成功攻擊 IPSec 流量:

Moreover, by comparing sequential versions of ScreenOS, we identify a cluster of additional changes that were introduced concurrently with the inclusion of Dual EC in a single 2008 release. Taken as a whole, these changes render the ScreenOS system vulnerable to passive exploitation by an attacker who selects Q. We demonstrate this by installing our own parameters, and showing that it is possible to passively decrypt a single IKE handshake and its associated VPN traffic in isolation without observing any other network traffic.

科威特通過法律強制取得每個人的 DNA:包括外籍人士與訪客

Bruce Schneier 這邊看到這則新聞:「Kuwaiti Government will DNA Test Everyone」,原始報導在「Kuwait set to enforce DNA testing law on all – Officials reassure tests won’t be used to determine genealogy」這邊,開頭的說明還蠻清楚的:

The DNA testing law that will go into effect this year is aimed at creating an integrated security database and does not include genealogical implications or affects personal freedoms and privacy.


When the law (no. 78/2015) is applied, it will be binding on all citizens, expatriates and visitors too.

Bruce Schneier 擔心的是這種嚴重侵犯隱私的資訊沒有任何罰則可以阻止科威特政府將 DNA 資訊轉其他國家的政府:

And there is nothing preventing the Kuwaiti government from sharing that information with any other government.


Amazon EBS 推出新磁碟種類

Amazon EBS 推出了新的磁碟種類,都是比現在更經濟 (白話文:更便宜) 的方案:「Amazon EBS Update – New Cold Storage and Throughput Options」。

第一種是 Amazon EBS Throughput Optimized HDD,代號是 st1;第二種是 Amazon EBS Cold HDD,代號是 sc1,兩種都是傳統磁頭硬碟。

第一種 st1 重視 sequential 的 throughput:

Starts at 250 MB/s for a 1 terabyte volume, and grows by 250 MB/s for every additional provisioned terabyte until reaching a maximum burst throughput of 500 MB/s.

第二種 sc1 則是重視堆資料的費用:

Designed for workloads similar to those for Throughput Optimized HDD that are accessed less frequently; $0.025 / gigabyte / month.

要注意的是,IOPS 是可以累計的,而未滿 1MB 的 access 會計算成 1MB,所以只適合大量 sequential access 的應用,像是 Hadoop 這類 big data 類的應用:

For both of the new magnetic volume types, the burst credit bucket can grow until it reaches the size of the volume. In other words, when a volume’s bucket is full, you can scan the entire volume at the burst rate. Each I/O request of 1 megabyte or less counts as 1 megabyte’s worth of credit. Sequential I/O operations are merged into larger ones where possible; this can increase throughput and maximizes the value of the burst credit bucket (to learn more about how the bucket operates, visit the Performance Burst Details section of my New SSD-Backed Elastic Block Storage post).

另外 sc1 也是目前每單位裡面最便宜的價錢,不知道拿來當 root 會底多慢 XDDD

Amazon S3 推出加速功能

Amazon S3 推出了新的加速功能,並且向更多地區提供 AWS Import/Export Snowball 服務:「AWS Storage Update – Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration + Larger Snowballs in More Regions」。

其中的 Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration 只要把本來的 BUCKET_NAME.s3.amazonaws.com 或是帶有地區的 BUCKET_NAME.s3-region.amazonaws.com 變成 BUCKET_NAME.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com 就可以了,他會透過 CloudFront 的節點做 proxy,並且透過 AWS 內部最佳化過的網路傳輸。

由於這是定位為 Amazon S3 的服務,而實際測試後也確認不會有 cache:他的目的在於降低 latency 而加速,而不是 cache 加速,所以大量 GET 相同內容的部份應該還是用 CloudFront 會比較好。

再來是費用的部份增加相當多,第一筆要收的是 CloudFront 的費用,再來才是計算 Transfer Acceleration 的費用:

Transfer Acceleration pricing is in addition to Data Transfer pricing.

從 Internet 進 CloudFront 再進 Amazon S3 的要收 USD$0.04/GB (透過在美國、歐洲或是日本的 CloudFront 節點) 或 USD$0.08/GB (透過其他 CloudFront 節點)。

另外要收的是從 Amazon S3 一路傳到 Internet 的部份,USD$0.04/GB。如果是傳到其他 AWS region 的話,也是 USD$0.04/GB。

不過他有效能保證條款 (雖然掌控全不在自己),AWS 會持續監控有沒有比較快,如果沒有的話系統會 bypass 回原來的 Amazon S3:

Each time you use Transfer Acceleration to upload an object, we will check whether Transfer Acceleration is likely to be faster than a regular Amazon S3 transfer. If we determine that Transfer Acceleration is not likely to be faster than a regular Amazon S3 transfer of the same object to the same destination AWS region, we will not charge for that use of Transfer Acceleration for that transfer, and may bypass the Transfer Acceleration system for that upload.

我本來以為會是在 DNS 層 bypass 回本來的 region,結果發現是 307 redirect 重導回 Amazon S3 上,效能上應該還是會差一些...

可以看出這個架構的特性主要還是用在上傳的部份,而且用在網路不穩定的環境下很重要 (像是電信網路上的行動裝置),因為 latency 的減少會對於 packet loss 造成的 retry 有很大的幫助。

下載的部份應該會比本來 Amazon S3 快 (因為 Amazon 本身會加速),但由於沒有 cache,除非有特殊需求,不然建議不要這樣規劃。

另外一個是 AWS Import/Export Snowball 推出的新硬體,以及新區域。

新硬體是 80TB 的版本,本來只有 50TB 的版本:

The original Snowball appliances had a capacity of 50 terabytes. Today we are launching a newer appliance with 80 terabytes of capacity.

而新區域包括了 AWS GovCloud (US)、US West (Northern California)、Europe (Ireland) 以及 Asia Pacific (Sydney) 這三區:

Today we are making Snowball available in four new Regions: AWS GovCloud (US), US West (Northern California), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney). We expect to make Snowball available in the remaining AWS Regions in the coming year.

其中 80TB 版本只在這三區生效,其他區可以選擇 50TB 或是 80TB 版本:

If you are transferring data in or out of the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), US West (Northern California), or AWS GovCloud (US) Regions using Snowball you can choose the desired capacity. If you are transferring data in or out of the Europe (Ireland) or Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions, you will use the 80 terabyte appliance.


Terminal 下操作 VMware 的 vSphere

Twitter 上看到 zmx 提到:

其中 Ruby vSphere Console (rvc) 被標成 deprecated:

Note: This Fling is deprecated, so the download is no longer available, and it will not be updated. Also, feedback is no longer monitored.

Python vSphere Client with a dialog(1) interface (pvc) 看起來比較新:

不過我自己測試後發現死在 SSL certificate 上,之後再來研究要怎麼閃開吧...