CloudFlare 宣佈支援 HTTP/2 的 Server Push

CloudFlare 宣佈支援 HTTP/2 的 Server Push:「Announcing Support for HTTP/2 Server Push」。

如同預期的 (最簡單的方式),是透過 HTTP header 標示,也就是透過 rel=preload 辨識:

Link: </asset/to/push.js>; rel=preload;

可以看到沒有 Server Push 與有 Server Push 的效能差異:

Homebrew 會將安裝資訊送到 Google Analytics 上

Hacker News Daily 上看到 Homebrew 會將安裝資訊送到 Google Analytics 上面:「Homebrew's Anonymous Aggregate User Behaviour Analytics」。

opt-out 的方法有兩個,一個是環境變數,另外一個是透過 git 設定:

If after everything you've read you still wish to opt-out of Homebrew's analytics you may set HOMEBREW_NO_ANALYTICS=1 in your environment or run git config --file="$(brew --repository)/.git/config" --replace-all homebrew.analyticsdisabled true which will prevent analytics from ever being sent when either of them have been set.

Delicious 打算把網域名稱換回

在「Transition to」這邊看到 Delicious 打算把 domain 換回去:

We have begun the scheduled migration of to We are grateful for your patience, as we work day and night to make the transition as quickly as possible.

所以是打算要拋掉 了嗎?

Adblock 與 Paywall 帶來的影響

這邊探討了新聞網站引入 Adblock 反制與 Paywall 帶來的影響:「Sites that block adblockers seem to be suffering」。

作者拿了 WIREDBild (Axel Springer)、ForbesCity AM 以及 Washington PostAlexa 數字來歸納,可以看出新聞網站的取代率太高 (甚至看不到就算了),可以看到 bounce rate 大幅增加 (很多人發現不能看就不會繼續看下去),而且 pageview 也大幅下降。




City AM:

Washington Post:


前幾天大規模的 Routing-Hijacking 事件

前幾天 BGPmon 偵測到大規模的 routing-hijacking 事件:「Large hijack affects reachability of high traffic destinations」,範圍應該是最近最大的:

Our initial investigation shows that the scope of this incident is widespread and affected 576 Autonomous systems and 3431 prefixes. Amongst the networks affected are high traffic prefixes including those of Google, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Akamai, Time Warner Cable Internet and more.

在「[outages] HTTP access to is down for us」這邊也看得到當時有人發現問題。


舊金山通過在 2017 年之後的建築物必須有 15% 的屋頂面積必須是太陽能相關的設備:「San Francisco Is Requiring Solar Panels on All New Buildings」:

The ordinance, passed unanimously by the city’s Board of Supervisors, extends an existing California law which requires 15 percent of roof space on new buildings to be “solar ready” — available and unshaded. That ordinance applies to residential or commercial buildings 10 stories or shorter.


Under the new ordinance, which will go into effect in 2017, new buildings need to have solar energy of some kind installed, either electricity-generating panels or solar heating units.

希望在 2020 年達到 100% 再生能源的目標:

San Francisco took a major step toward its own goal of meeting the city’s electricity demands with 100 percent renewable energy by 2020.


This week, San Francisco became the first major U.S. city to require all new buildings to have solar panels on their roofs, according to Scott Wiener, the city supervisor who introduced the bill.

阻擋 PIXNET 的三分鐘閒置視窗

在看宵夜文「2016更新【2013台北宵夜美食小吃精選】松山區信義區大安區」的時候做其他事情,回來就看到 in-window popup 視窗,決定擋下來,所以就把 html 找出來:

<div class="modal idle-pop" tabindex="-1" role="dialog" aria-describedby="dialog">
    <div class="modal-content">
      <div class="modal-header">本網頁已閒置超過 3 分鐘。請點 <kbd>關閉>/kbd> 或 <kbd>點擊</kbd>任一空白處,即可回到網頁</div>
      <div class="modal-body">

我選擇的方法是透過 uBlock Origin 阻擋元素:

然後重新開 blog 頁面,等個幾分鐘後確認就可以了。

最近三十天透過 Tor 上 Facebook 的人超過一百萬

Facebook 提供了透過 Tor 連上 Facebook 的人數:「1 Million People use Facebook over Tor」:

In June 2015, over a typical 30 day period, about 525,000 people would access Facebook over Tor e.g.: by using Tor Browser to access or the Facebook Onion site, or by using Orbot on Android. This number has grown – roughly linearly – and this month, for the first time, we saw this “30 day” figure exceed 1 million people.

去年六月的時候大約是 52 萬人,而現在則超過一百萬了。

AWS 的 scheduled events 可以設定為一分鐘一次了

Twitter 上看到 AWS 的 scheduled events 可以設定為一分鐘一次了:

在 AWS 的相關文件上也發現相關的限制都拿掉了:「Using AWS Lambda with Scheduled Events」。

實際測試也發現沒問題了,之前用 */1 會被擋下來,現在是 ok 的:

aws events put-rule --schedule-expression 'cron(*/1 * * * ? *)' --name test