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在「Want Safer Passwords? Don't Change Them So Often」這邊在討論改目前 password policy 會有要求一定時間要改密碼造成的問題。原報導出自 美國聯邦貿易委員會 blog 上的「Time to rethink mandatory password changes」。


Lorrie Cranor recently outlined, the weight of recent research agrees that when people are forced to change their passwords on the regular, they don’t put a whole lot of mental muscle behind it.


Instead, Cranor notes, according to one UNC study, people “tended to create passwords that followed predictable patterns, called ‘transformations,’ such as incrementing a number, changing a letter to similar-looking symbol (for example changing an S to a $), adding or deleting a special character (for example, going from three exclamation points at the end of a password to two), or switching the order of digits or special characters (for example moving the numbers to the beginning instead of the end).”

另外你應該鼓勵使用者用 password manager 管理密碼,雖然不是完美的,但至少是目前比較合理的方案:

If for whatever reason you still can’t let go of making people change passwords as often as they turn the pages of their wall calendars, Cranor suggests that you at least encourage them to use a password manager, like LastPass or DashLane. They’re not perfect, but they can be a “very reasonable strategy” for coping, mostly because they don’t require people to balance unpredictable passwords with ones they can actually remember.

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