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在「Quiz: Can we guess your age and income, based solely on the apps on your phone?」這篇給了一個測驗,透過回答 32 題 Yes/No 的答案來猜測你的性別、婚姻狀態與收入範圍,大約是 61% 到 82% 的準確率:(為什麼會是一個範圍?)

Based on those models, they then found that they could predict a user’s gender, age, marital status and income with between 61- and 82-percent accuracy.

會猜測四個答案,所以是 16 種組合:

There are 16 possible results, based on your gender (male/female), your age (over/under 32), your marital status (married/single) and your income (over/under $52,000).

做完後很不準 XDDD

我猜測用的方式與很久前 pest 講的「網路廣告商怎麼知道你是誰? 從 ClickStream 來判斷用戶資料」的方法類似,用已知的資料去 train 出一個模型,再丟進去判斷...

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