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在「Amalgamated hosts file」這邊看到超大包的 hosts,拿來擋廣告:

This repo consolidates several reputable hosts files and merges them into a single amalgamated hosts file with duplicates removed.

Currently this amalgamated hosts file contains 27,148 unique entries.

一包 hosts 有兩萬七千筆資料會不會太多了點...

話說不知道能不能 import 進 BIND 或是 Unbound 裡面直接讓整個組織用?

2 Replies to “用 hosts 搞出來的 Adblock...”

  1. LittleCho says:

    bind可以,印象中9.8以上有支援RPZ(Responsive police zone),直接塞進去就好了

  2. Solomon says:


    手動轉了一個 unbound conf,正在看效果。

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