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Twitter 家的工程師努力通靈找靈異現象,最後發現是 kernel bug 造成 veth 沒檢查 TCP checksum 造成的慘案:「Linux kernel bug delivers corrupt TCP/IP data to Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker containers」。

而隔壁棚 PagerDuty 在 2015 年五月也有遇到類似的問題,不過當時看起來沒找出 root cause,只有提出 workaround 解法暫時避開:「The Discovery of Apache ZooKeeper’s Poison Packet」。

這個 bug 已經被 patch 掉了,之後應該會再 backport 回到舊版 kernel

I’m really impressed with the linux netdev group and kernel maintainers in general; code reviews were quite prompt and our patch was merged in within a few weeks, and was back-ported to older (3.14+) -stable queues on various kernel distributions (Canonical, Suse) within a month.

文章中間有寫找 bug 的過程,可以看到都是在通靈...

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