AWS 推出 t2.nano

AWS 推出了 t2.nano:「EC2 Update – T2.Nano Instances Now Available」。

只有 512MB 記憶體,拿來跑超小的東西還可以:

Each t2.nano instance has 512 MiB of memory and 1 vCPU, and can run 32 or 64 bit operating systems and applications. They support EBS encryption and up to two Elastic Network Interfaces per instance.

在存滿錢後 (t2 的特性) 可以全速跑 72 分鐘,不過一開始就有 30 credits 可以用,跟其他 t2 的機器不太一樣,算是賣點之一

The t2.nano offers the full performance of a high frequency Intel CPU core if your workload utilizes less than 5% of the core on average over 24 hours. You get full access to the CPU core when needed, as long as you maintain a positive CPU credit balance. Each newly launched t2.nano starts out with a CPU credit balance of 30 credits, and earns 3 more credits per hour, up to a maximum of 72. This means that each instance can burst to full-core performance for up to 72 minutes at a stretch.

找機會來測試看看跟 t2.micro 的差異好了...

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