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每次遇到 AWS 業務就會抱怨的功能總算推出來了,VPC NAT Gateways:「New – Managed NAT (Network Address Translation) Gateway for AWS」。

與自己用 EC2 架設的不同點在於處理的流量也要計費,但好處是以前得自己處理 HA,現在 AWS 幫你做掉這塊,不過 scalability 還是限制在 10Gbps:

The gateway has built-in redundancy for high availability. Each gateway that you create can handle up to 10 Gbps of bursty TCP, UDP, and ICMP traffic, and is managed by Amazon. You control the public IP address by assigning an Elastic IP Address when you create the gateway.

要注意的是流量計費這塊收費很貴 (非常貴),有大量連外需求的機器,還是用 public ip 直接連外會比較省,或是用老方法自己架設 NAT instances 處理。

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