CloudFlare 正式推出 HTTP/2,可以與 SPDY 同時混搭

CloudFlare 推出了 HTTP/2 服務,與其他 CDN 業者不一樣的地方在於,他可以同時接受 HTTP/2 與 SPDY:「HTTP/2 is here! Goodbye SPDY? Not quite yet」。

CloudFlare 拿自家的 官網測試,顯示 HTTP/2 的效能比 SPDY 又好了不少:

Access via HTTP Protocol Version Average Page Load time
HTTP 1.x 9.07 sec.
SPDY/3.1 7.06 sec.
HTTP/2 4.27 sec.

在正式上 HTTP/2 前,有 80.38% 對 的 SSL/TLS 連線是 SPDY:

During the week before our HTTP/2 launch, 80.38% of all SSL/TLS connections to our own website at were made over SPDY/3.1.


Protocol Version Percentage of Hits
HTTP 1.x 19.36%
SPDY/3.1 57.02%
HTTP/2 23.62%

這也說明了為什麼 CloudFlare 要推出 SPDY + HTTP/2 的服務:

Why choose, if you can have both? Today CloudFlare is introducing HTTP/2 support for all customers using SSL/TLS connections, while still supporting SPDY. There is no need to make a decision between SPDY or HTTP/2. Both are automatically there for you and your customers.

剛剛連到後台確認,由於本來已經打開 SPDY 的使用者會自動開啟 HTTP/2,這表示全球 HTTP/2 的使用率會馬上拉高很多,有太多資源掛在 CloudFlare 上:(像是,剛剛確認也已經是 HTTP/2 了)

If you are a customer on the Free or Pro plan, there is no need to do anything at all. Both SPDY and HTTP/2 are already enabled for you.

Customers on Business and Enterprise plans can enable HTTP/2 within the "Network" application of the CloudFlare Dashboard.

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