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在「Creating An Amazon API Gateway With aws-cli For Domain Redirect」這邊看到用 Amazon API Gateway 重導整個網域的方法。一般的做法是用 Amazon S3 (用 web hosting 重導) + Amazon CloudFront (for HTTPS) 堆出來,事實上這個方法成本也比較低,這篇文章只是示範怎麼用而已:

I’m not saying the API Gateway method is better than using S3 plus CloudFront for simple hostname redirection. In fact, it costs more (though still cheap), takes more commands to set up, and isn’t quite as flexible in what URL paths get redirected from the source domain. It does, however, work and may be useful as an API Gateway aws-cli example.

可以從中間學到一些東西,尤其是可以看到如何使用 aws-cli 操作 Amazon API Gateway 的部分...

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