EC2 與 ELB 將會有更長的 Resource ID

EC2ELB 將會有更長的 Resource ID:「Heads-Up – Longer EC2 & EBS Resource IDs Coming in 2016」。


The new IDs will be the same format as existing IDs, but longer. The current ID format is a resource identifier followed by an 8-character string, and the new format will be the same resource identifier followed by a 17-character string.

本來是 8 chars,之後會變成 17 chars。而用 SDK 的人只要更新到新版就可以了:

The SDKs are already compatible with longer IDs and don’t require any updates.

預定在 2016 年發生:

My colleague Angela Chapman wrote the guest post below to make you aware of longer instance, reservation, volume, and snapshot IDs that we will be rolling out in 2016.

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