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在「The Background Data and Battery Usage of Facebook’s iOS App」這邊提到 Facebook AppiOS 上使用了非常吃電的技巧來強制背景更新。

作者猜測,如果你把 Facebook App 設定成不允許背景更新,那麼 Facebook App 會利用 iOS 在「播放音樂」可以在背景執行來進行更新:(所以只是打開播放的 channel,但是沒有聲音)

My guess is that Facebook is hijacking audio sessions on iOS by keeping silent audio in the background whenever a video plays in the app. And because, by default, videos on Facebook auto-play on both Wi-Fi and Cellular and few people ever bother to turn it off, that means there's a high chance the Facebook app will always find a way to play a video, keep audio in the background, and consume energy to perform background tasks.


I'm not alone in noticing the mysterious "Facebook audio" background consumption, and video auto-play seems to me the most likely explanation at this point. I don't know if turning off auto-play may fix the problem, but I'd recommend doing that anyway to save data.

印象中我們家的 zonble 也有提過類似的事情,當時他好像還有抱怨不知道 Facebook App 在搞什麼鬼... Anyway,這就可以理解作者提到為什麼這麼吃電:

On my girlfriend's iPhone, for instance, iOS 9 reports 5 hours of on-screen usage for the last 7 days, and another 11 hours of background audio usage with Background App Refresh turned off.

我的想法是,如果不用的時候就按兩下 home 鍵把 Facebook App 整個踢出去,或者就如同作者建議用 Safari 開行動版本:

I wonder if Apple should consider additional battery controls to take action against shady practices like invisible background audio. What Facebook is doing shows a deep lack of respect for iOS users. I continue to recommend using Safari instead.

6 Replies to “在 iOS 上不使用 Facebook App 時要完全砍掉 process”

  1. Ping-Yen Tsai says:

    如果要用 Safari 開行動版本

    也許可以試試 Puffin for Facebook


  2. Hiraku says:

    不用猜,去挖他的 plist,有 audio、location、remote push 等背景模式
    之前的版本還有 VoIP,應該是太吃電了,所以移到 messenger

  3. 小影 says:

    理論上用 background audio 作長期背景更新會被 reject ,他們是否幸運沒有被看到這問題就不清楚了。

  4. Hiraku says:

    他們是 Facebook,他們就算用了 Private API ,只要跟 Apple 講一下,也是可以的...

  5. Xiao Xiao says:


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