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Bruce Schneier 這邊看到對 SHA-1 的攻擊又有新的進展了:「SHA-1 Freestart Collision」。

這次的論文不是真的找出 collision,而是對 internal compression function 攻擊,不過即使如此,這是首次攻擊完整的 80 rounds:

We present in this article a freestart collision example for SHA-1, i.e., a collision for its internal compression function. This is the first practical break of the full SHA-1, reaching all 80 out of 80 steps, while only 10 days of computation on a 64 GPU cluster were necessary to perform the attack.

論文資訊可以在「The SHAppening: freestart collisions for SHA-1」這邊看到。

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