EC2 Spot Blocks:固定時間的 Spot Instances

EC2 設計 Spot Instances 提供某些應用程式可以用比較低廉的價錢租用機器,但缺點是隨時可能會中斷,所以程式必須定時記錄進度。

但不是每種應用程式都有辦法這樣做,所以一般遇到不能中斷的還是會用 On-Demand Instances 來處理。而現在 EC2 則提供了 Spot Blocks 來解決這個問題:「New – EC2 Spot Blocks for Defined-Duration Workloads」。

你可以設定 1 到 6 個小時的執行時間,時間到就會自動結束:

In order to make EC2 an even better fit for this type of defined-duration workload, you can now launch Spot instances that will run continuously for a finite duration (1 to 6 hours).

Spot Instances 與 Spot Blocks 是分開競價,大約比 On-Demand 便宜 30%~45%,同時在非尖峰時間另外會有 5% 的優惠:

Pricing is based on the requested duration and the available capacity, and is typically 30% to 45% less than On-Demand, with an additional 5% off during non-peak hours for the region. Spot blocks and Spot instances are priced separately; you can view the current Spot pricing to learn more.

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