nginx 的 HTTP/2

在「Announcing NGINX Plus R7」這邊 nginx 透漏了目前 HTTP/2 的進度。

NGINX Plus 是商業版本,這次將釋出 HTTP/2 功能:

NGINX Plus now provides a fully supported implementation of the new HTTP/2 web standard. NGINX Plus can be deployed as a front-end HTTP/2 gateway and accelerator for both new and existing web services.

而 open source 版本也將會在 NGINX Plus R7 版釋出後放出:

Based on user testing from the alpha-level patch, and with the early support from corporate co-sponsors Automattic and Dropbox, the final open source version of HTTP/2 will become available following the release of R7.

如同之前提到的,nginx 的實作上會將 HTTP/2 與 SPDY 分開,所以 package 是分開的:

HTTP/2 support is available in the optional nginx‑plus‑http2 package only. The nginx‑plus and nginx‑plus‑extras packages provide SPDY support and are currently recommended for production sites because of wider browser support and code maturity.

至於 open source 版本會怎麼規劃就等看看了...

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