InnoDB 的 checkpoint 問題,以及 RocksDB...

Percona 的「InnoDB checkpoint strikes back」這篇提到了 InnoDB 的 checkpoint 問題一直困擾著 MySQL 使用者,但其中讓我注意到的是,文中提到了 RocksDB 沒有這個困擾:

Interestingly enough, RocksDB, because it has a different architecture (I may write on it in future, but for now I will point to RocksDB Wiki), does not have this problem with checkpoints (it however has its own background activity, like level compactions and tombstone maintenance, but it is a different topic).

我記得 Facebook 的人有用 RocksDB 掛到 MySQL 上:「RocksDB Storage Engine for MySQL」,會整合到 WebScaleSQL 裡嗎?還是單純拋出來看看?:o

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