Microsoft Windows 10 對 CDN 的影響

在「Microsoft's Windows 10 launch is going to strain CDNs, already passed 10 Tbps」這邊看到 Microsoft 推出 Windows 10 已經吃掉 10Tbps 的 capacity 了。

預定還會吃到 40Tbps,就當作八卦消息看一看好了:

Streaming Media is citing internal sources and is saying that Microsoft has reserved up to 40 Tbps with all of the key CDNs which is a massive amount of bandwidth. As of July 28th at 1PM ET, Microsoft is said to already be consuming over 10 Tbps and seeing that all regions are not yet online for deployment, it's only going to go higher.

是個熱鬧的祭典 XD

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