Amazon Aurora 宣佈正式開放

AWS 宣佈正式開放所有客戶使用 Amazon Aurora:「Now Available – Amazon Aurora」。不過也只是原來支援的三個地區而已:

Today I am happy to announce that Amazon Aurora is now available for use by all AWS customers, in three AWS regions.

We are launching in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland) regions, and will expand to others over time.


When we first announced Amazon Aurora we expected to deliver a service that offered at least 4 times the price-performance of existing solutions. Now that we are ready to ship, I am happy to report that we’ve exceeded this goal, and that Amazon Aurora can deliver 5x the price-performance of a traditional relational database when run on the same class of hardware.

In general, this does not mean that individual queries will run 5x as fast as before (although Amazon Aurora’s fast, SSD-based storage certainly speeds things up). Instead, it means that Amazon Aurora is able to handle far more concurrent queries (both read and write) than other products. Amazon Aurora’s unique, highly parallelized access to storage reduces contention for stored data and allows it to process queries in a highly efficient fashion.


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