Linode 提供 KVM-based hosting 服務

Linode 前幾天宣佈開始提供 KVM-based hosting:「Linode turns 12! Here’s some KVM!」。

使用 KVM 最大的進展是可以跑 Windows 了:(這對產品面來說很重要)

However, we also now support fully virtualized guests – which means you can run alternative operating systems like FreeBSD, BSD, Plan 9, or even Windows – using emulated hardware (PIIX IDE and e1000).

同時圖形化界面的 console 也會釋出:

We’re also working on a graphical console (GISH?) which should be out in the next few weeks.

而現有 Xen 換到 KVM 也包裝得很簡單:

On a Xen Linode’s dashboard, you will see an “Upgrade to KVM” link on the right sidebar. It’s a one-click migration to upgrade your Linode to KVM from there. Essentially, our KVM upgrade means you get a much faster Linode just by clicking a button.

而且打算逐步淘汰掉 Xen:

New customers and new Linodes will, by default, still get Xen. Xen will cease being the default in the next few weeks. Eventually we will transition all Xen Linodes over to KVM, however this is likely to take quite a while. Don’t sweat it.

不過 Linode 還是沒支援更好的網路環境 (i.e. Private LAN),對於要架大型服務的人來說還是有技術障礙 :o

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