FBI 的搜索「創意」被美國法院否決

Zite 上看到「FBI can’t cut Internet and pose as cable guy to search property, judge says」這篇文章,講 FBI 的「創意」被法院給否決。

搜索的手段是這樣發生的。FBI 的人先把網路給剪斷,然後偽裝成修復工人進去搜索:

The Las Vegas court frowned on the FBI's ruse of disconnecting Internet access to $25,000-per-night villas at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino. FBI agents posed as the cable guy and secretly searched the premises.


The government claimed the search was legal because the suspects invited the agents into the room to fix the Internet.


Permitting the government to create the need for the occupant to invite a third party into his or her home would effectively allow the government to conduct warrantless searches of the vast majority of residents and hotel rooms in America,


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