Backblaze 的 3TB 硬碟故障分析

Backblaze 針對 3TB 硬碟繼續黑 Seagate... XDDD:「CSI: Backblaze – Dissecting 3TB Drive Failure」。


文章裡還討論了外接或內接的情況,最後猜測的結論是,Seagate 的這個 3TB 型號的品質特別差,因為 4TB 就正常許多:

While this particular 3TB model had a painfully high rate of failure, subsequent Seagate models such as their 4TB drive, model: ST4000DM000, are performing well with an annualized 2014 failure rate of just 2.6% as of December 31, 2014. These drives come with 3-year warranties and show no signs of hitting the wall.

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