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Slashdot 上看到「Arkansas Is Now the First State To Require That High Schools Teach Coding」,報導自「Arkansas is Now the First State to Require That High Schools Teach Coding」。

2015~2016 這個年度將會開始招募大量教師,在高中內教 coding,大約花費一億五千萬台幣。

Training programs for teacher preparation will be available, but with the majority of the infrastructure already primed, the execution of this new law should hopefully be painless and seamless.


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  1. William Wu says:

    看了原文新聞,應該是該州要讓高中生可以選修電腦科學(computer science)相關的課程,於是準備編列經費要培訓相關師資與課程吧?標題下的怪怪的...

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