Google 利用搜索的壟斷優勢打擊競爭對手

最近很熱門的新聞:「FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit」,國內也有媒體已經報導 (報導:FTC機密文件指控Google不當商業行為壟斷搜尋市場),不過沒受到太多注意?

起因自 The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) 透過 FOIA (資訊自由法) 要資料的時候,意外拿到 2012 年 FTCGoogle 壟斷而做出評估的文件,整個案件於 2013 年年初達成和解。

WSJ 的報導可以參考「Inside the U.S. Antitrust Probe of Google」這篇。(有 Paywall,可以透過 Google 搜尋這個標題後再點進去 XDDD)

另外 Google 內部知道他們的市占率比外部估出來的高出不少 (外部估算 65%,但內部自己評估 69% 到 84%),但也因此感到欣慰 (避免了反壟斷的壓力):

Data included in the report suggest Google was more dominant in the U.S. Internet search market than was widely believed. The company estimated its market share at between 69% and 84% during a period when research firm comScore put it at 65%. “From an antitrust perspective, I’m happy to see [comScore] underestimate our share,” the report quoted Google Chief Economist Hal Varian as saying, without specifying the context.


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