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在「RC4 must die」這個網站寫的真直接,正式標題是「Attacks Only Get Better: Password Recovery Attacks Against RC4 in TLS」。

可以在 226 次嘗試取得 TLS 裡傳輸的 password,相較於之前的 234 低了非常多。另外論文裡也說明了他們成功實作 PoC,取得 IMAP (TLS) 與 HTTP Basic Auth (TLS) 的密碼部份。

不過 RC4 的使用率比想像中高好多 (出自 ICSI Certificate Notary project 的「Connection Cipher Details」數據):

Despite 2013's high-profile attacks on the RC4 algorithm in TLS, its usage is today (March 2015) still running at about 30% of all TLS traffic.

現在的超級低標應該是 TLS 1.0 的 3DES (給 Windows XP + IE8 的情況下用),不過也已經不夠安全,能拔掉的就先拔...

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  1. Dennis says:

    Fixing HTTPS is easy, it has higher profile and limited choice of browsers.

    IMAPS, SMTPS, POP3 over SSL are nightmare....
    They are usually optional, too many clients, and poorly managed.

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