Gemalto 被 NSA 與 GCHQ 滲透的問題...

前幾天 Snowden 發佈出來的消息,全世界最大的 SIM 卡製造商 GemaltoNSAGCHQ 滲透進去,取得所有的 SIM key:「NSA/GCHQ Hacks SIM Card Database and Steals Billions of Keys」、「Gemalto Hack May Have Far-Reaching Effects」。

The attack, reported by The Intercept, is breathtaking in its scope and audacity. Attackers allegedly associated with the NSA and GCHQ, the British spy agency, were able to compromise a number of machines on the network of Gemalto, a global manufacturer of mobile SIM cards.

不過,只要牽扯上 NSA 與 GCHQ 這對搭檔,事情直接往最糟糕的方面去想就好了。可以假設他們家所有的產品線都失守,包括 AWS 所使用的硬體 2FA:「Multi-Factor Authentication」。


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