jQuery 官方在 2014 年的概況

在「jQuery Foundation 2014 Annual Report」這篇裡面有提到了 jQuery 在 2014 年的情況,其中 code.jquery.com 使用的頻寬這段還蠻有趣的:

If you need evidence that jQuery Foundation projects are used everywhere, look no further than our Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by MaxCDN. The 290 billion requests in 2014 transferred nearly 11 petabytes of data. That, of course, does not include the requests for locally hosted copies of jQuery and to other CDNs such as Google, Microsoft, or CDNJS. No doubt the overall number of requests is in the trillions.

光是 code.jquery.com 每天的量平均就是 30TB,也就是平均流量 3Gbps?如果考慮到 Google 提供的平台更普及...

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