Pinboard 改變計費方式

Pinboard 改變計費方式,從原本的一次性費用改成年費:「New Pricing Policy」。

舊的機制是這樣,有一次性的付費模式,也有年費模式的帳號 (archiving account):

Right now, users pay a one-time signup fee that grows by a fraction of a penny with each new signup. At the moment, this fee is $10.55. Pinboard also offers archiving accounts, which cost $25/year. Users who upgrade after joining Pinboard can deduct the signup fee from the first year of archiving.


Under the new scheme, basic Pinboard accounts will cost $11/year, while archiving will continue to cost $25/year.

作者的原因是「懶的解釋」,有很多人從一次性的帳號升級到 archiving account 時以為仍然是一次性的,等過了一年後被收費就跑去問...


If you already have a Pinboard account, or sign up for one before January 1, 2015, this change will not affect you.

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