AWS 官方提供 Public IP 清單 (JSON 格式)

以往 AWS 都是在 forum 上發表,現在居然提供 JSON 了:「AWS Public IP Address Ranges Now Available in JSON Form」,在 這邊,對應的說明在「AWS IP Address Ranges」這邊。

除了 EC2 以外,裡面包含了 CDN (CloudFront) 的範圍:

Valid values for the service key include "AMAZON", "EC2", "ROUTE53", "ROUTE53_HEALTHCHECKS", and "CLOUDFRONT." If you need to know all of the ranges and don't care about the service, use the "AMAZON" entries. The other entries are subsets of this one. Also, some of the services, such as S3, are represented in "AMAZON" and do not have an entry that is specific to the service. We plan to add additional values over time; code accordingly!

目前大約是一千萬個可用 IP。

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