AWS Lambda:AWS 推出的 PaaS

官方的說明:「AWS Lambda - Run Code in the Cloud」,以及 Werner Vogels 的說明:「The Easiest Way to Compute in the Cloud – AWS Lambda」。

偏向 PaaS 類的服務,處理 worker 這塊的事情。技術面是以 JavaScript (node.js) 為基礎。

依照最近推出的產品以及描述,應該是配合 Container 技術做的。首先是依照記憶體用量而決定對應的 CPU、網路以及 I/O 的能力:

The context information for a function specifies the amount of memory needed to run it. You can set this to any desired value between 128 MB and 1 GB. The memory setting also determines the amount of CPU power, network bandwidth, and I/O bandwidth that are made available to the function.

process、thread、file descriptor 以及 local storage 的數量也是有管制的:

Each invocation of a function can make use of up to 256 processes or threads. It can consume up to 512 MB of local storage and up to 1,024 file descriptors. It can also create up to 10 simultaneous outbound network connections.


You pay for compute time in units of 100 milliseconds and you pay for each request.

處理簡單的事情用的?在「AWS Lambda Walkthrough Command Line Companion」這邊已經有人寫出一些心得了,可以看看怎麼用 :o

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