PHP-CS-Fixer 1.0 出版!

PHP-CS-Fixer 正式釋出 1.0 版:「PHP CS Fixer finally reaches version 1.0」。

原作者提到了之前的版本以 regular expression 為底,而這三個月有了大改變,現在的版本是以 token 來判斷:

The current stable version of PHP-CS-Fixer was released in August 2014 and it is still based on regular expressions, two years after the first public release. But in the last three months, things got crazy mainly because of Dariusz Ruminski. He did a great job at rewriting everything on top of a parser based on the PHP tokens, helped by 21 other contributors.


php-cs-fixer fix /path --level=psr2

這樣會把目錄下的所有 .php 檔都清過一次。目錄的部份也可以用檔名,表示只處理一個檔案。

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