AdBlock 與 Adblock Plus 的差異

兩個多禮拜前的文章:「Which is better, Adblock or Adblock Plus?」,比較了 Google Chrome 上兩個擋廣告的套件:「AdBlock」以及「Adblock Plus」。

這邊直接先講結論,AdBlock 有嚴重的隱私問題,在「What are they hiding?」這段列出了 AdBlock 2.6.11 (2013-10-25) 版本之後的各種追蹤方式 (而且愈來愈誇張),即使到最新版仍然有隱私的 issue:

Two new AdBlock versions came out since that blog post was published. AdBlock 2.7.9 fixed the bug I mentioned above, now only can track AdBlock users and no other websites.

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