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去年年底參加 Spark Summit 時有用 Caltrain 當作交通工具回飯店,好像是搭到末班車... (或者說是接近末班車?有點忘了...)

Fleet 的服務則是填補 Caltrain 減班或是休息的時候,用小型車在 Caltrain 的幾個大站提供服務:

Ride with friends, or meet other cool people on the way; we drive in a car, van, or shuttle seating 5 to 15 people.

Our shuttles run between 8 PM and 5 AM everyday, with 5 southbound departures, and 5 northbound departures.

另外主打比 Uber 便宜許多:

We are also ~2-4X cheaper than Uber and other ridesharing alternatives.


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